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33 Fakta Cristiano Ronaldo di Usia 33 Tahun CR7

33 Fakta Cristiano Ronaldo di Usia 33 Tahun CR7

Rumah Sports – Cristiano Ronaldo has just turned his 33rd birthday on Monday (5/2/2018). In matters of football, CR7 has got (almost) everything. 33 Fakta Cristiano Ronaldo di Usia 33 Tahun CR7

Throughout his career, there have been a lot of milestones that Ronaldo has achieved, whether it be an award with clubs or individuals. In accordance with the age of the players today, there are 33 interesting facts about Ronaldo as reported by Marca.

1. Ronaldo is the second highest scorer in La Liga history. He has made 294 goals in 274 matches. CR7 only lost to Lionel Messi.

2. As a top scorer, there are two competitions where the CR7 has not been able to make a goal. First is the Community Shield where he once appeared once with Manchester United, the second is the Europa League, where the player had appeared twice.

3. Ronaldo has 99 times to make brace (2 goals in 1 game) throughout his career. 73 times with Madrid, 25 times with United, and once with Sporting CP.

4. Already regarded as the most distinguished figure in Portugal, knowing he is the all-time leading scorer in the national team with 79 goals in 147 matches.

5. Sevilla became the favorite victim of the player who is identical with the number 7. Ronaldo has made 27 goals in 18 matches in all competitions against them.

6. Ronaldo has deserved to be considered a living legend of Madrid. The reason, he is the all-time leading scorer beat the legend of sorts, Puskas, Santillana, Alfredo Di Stefano, to Raul Gonzalez. He has made a total of 427 goals in 421 matches.

7. Gorka Iraizoz is the goalkeeper most often burglarized Ronaldo. Of the 14 games, Ronaldo has made 15 goals into the net.

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8. Ronaldo has made 18 goals from 13 finals at club level.

9. Three times to reach El Pichichi as top scorer in 2010-2011, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015. The best achievement is 48 goals in one season.

10. Five times won Ballon d’Or. Equalize Messi’s record and be the last to win it last year.

11. Ronaldo has been six times top Champions League top scorer. Five times with Madrid, once with MU.

12. Achievement of Ronaldo’s highest goal in one season occurred in 2011-2012. At that time the player made a total of 61 goals in all competitions.

13. Ronaldo able to penetrate the achievement of 20 goals or more for 12 seasons, since 2006-2007.

14. Ronaldo is a player with the most execution of penalties in La Liga. He scored 77 goals out of a total of 90 penalties that had been executed.

15. Former lover Irina Shayk has made 53 goals from a free kick throughout his career.

16. He also made 107 goals through the head, 65 of whom came in Madrid’s costumes.

17. Ronaldo’s professional debut took place in 2002 with Sporting. When dealing with Inter in Champions League qualification.

18. The first player to break through 100 goals in the Champions League. Even achievement has reached 115 goals if the qualification is also calculated.


19. In 2014-2015, Ronaldo makes a special goal milestone streak, which is 19 goals in 10 matches. Best record by Madrid player.

20. Ronaldo underwent his debut with the senior national team at the age of 17, when Portugal faced Kazakhstan.

21. Ronaldo twice scored five goals in one game. Namely against Espanyol (6-0) and Granada (9-1). Interestingly these two achievements occurred in the same season.

22. Ronaldo’s right leg has made 331 goals throughout his career. A very, very significant amount.

23. Ronaldo has been dealing with Messi on 34 matches throughout his career. Unfortunately, Ronaldo just made 18 goals against Messi, while the Argentine star has 20 goals 33 Fakta Cristiano Ronaldo di Usia 33 Tahun CR7

24. Ronaldo has been red-carded six times in his career. The last time it happened in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup final.

25. Throughout his career, Ronaldo is synonymous with the number 7 back. But, he also had time to use the numbers 9, 17, and 28.

26. The most played player with Ronaldo is Karim Benzema. Both have played together in 329 matches.

33 Facts Cristiano Ronaldo at Age 33 Year Photos: Getty Images Sport / Denis Doyle

27. Ronaldo’s first goal occurred on October 7, 2002. It happened while Sporting faced Morierense in the league. He even made a brace on the game.

28. Since tracking a professional career, Ronaldo has been led by 10 different coaches / managers.

29. Ronaldo could continue to make goals in 11 matches in a row in the 2013-2014 season. It was a barrage of goals in some of the best matches from him. In total the player made 15 goals in total from 11 games.

The Madeira-born player has already picked up 12 titles with the reinforced team. The titles include Premier League, La Liga, Community Shield, FA Cup, League Cup, Inter Club World Cup, Champions League, European Super Cup, Super Cup Portugal.

31. Kemenangan terbesar yang pernah dirasakan Ronaldo adalah 10-2 ketika Madrid mengalahkan Rayo Vallecano pada 2015. Pada laga tersebut sang pemain membuat dua gol.

32.Ronaldo mencatat rekor gol terbanyak dalam satu musim Liga Champions dengan 17 gol pada 2013-2014.

33. Sepanjang kariernya, Ronaldo sudah melawan 128 lawan berbeda. Itu termasuk level klub maupun timnas. 33 Fakta Cristiano Ronaldo di Usia 33 Tahun CR7

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